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CEH Consulting was founded in 1988 by Chuck Housner, a network engineer and IT project manager for many fortune 500 companies including MetLife and JP Morgan Chase.  We now provide this personal computer and network consulting expertise to small businesses, and have being doing so since 2002.

CEH Consulting provides consulting services on a wide variety of computer hardware and software.  Our focus is the resolution of business problems through innovative technical solutions, and we are committed to helping companies use their computer investment more effectively.  

Our customers are small businesses who have one or more personal computers and don't have a dedicated Information Technology person on staff.  Think of CEH Consulting as your IT department.

Whether you have a network that is server based, or simply a bunch of connected PC's, let us apply our small business networking experience to your network.  We can help you share your data and resources easily and more securely.

Looking to save your business money?  We can offer you a variety of money saving solutions including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems, budget Internet connectivity solutions, and other productivity solutions including remote access to let you monitor your business while you are away, or seamlessly allow you to work from home as if you were in the office. 

Computer viruses, hard drive failures, data theft.  We would all like to forget about the inherent risks of the digital age. But doing this puts your business at risk of days or even weeks of lost productivity or worse.  Let us help you with affordable solutions that won't get in your way or reduce your productivity. These are the same tried and true solutions that were once the province of large corporations, but not they are available to small businesses at a fraction of the cost.    

We offer:

Personal computer repairs, upgrades, technical support and preventative maintenance.

Design, implementation, administration and optimization of networked systems

  World Wide Web services including Internet site design, hosting, administration, domain name registration and eCommerce.

Risk Assessments and Contingency Planning for small business.  Detail oriented project management.

Telecommuting, wireless networking, and mobile office technology.

Computer and network security, including Internet firewalls and Virtual Private Networks.



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CEH Consulting is a member of the 
Connecticut Chapter of Infragard 
A partnership between business and the FBI to help protect the national computing infrastructure. 

We also provide IT subcontracting work.  Shown below are some examples of our work.

WAYPORT® wireless controller installation for a fast food restaurant. 

Communications installation featuring Netopia DSL router, DSL connection with NID Splitter, and USRobotics dial backup modem.
Cisco Wireless Access Point (802.11) featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE). Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) installation utilizing two bonded T-1 connections.  
Juni JR-20 Cellular Indoor Improvement System (CiiS), featuring a JR-20 Donor Antenna and the Bias T DC Power Injector.  This system improves the signal quality of cellular signals within offices that have poor cellular reception.    Juni JR-20 Cellular Indoor Improvement System (CiiS).  This is the coverage unit which acts a repeater for the cellular signals.  This unit was mounted in a parking structure.
Verifone MX 800 POS Debit Credit Terminal.

External high-gain EVDO antenna, for cellular connectivity.  


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