Design Integration

These computers with a sleek Viewsonic flat panel displays were selected and installed for a medical practice. Doctor's offices are often crowded and the client wanted as much workspace as possible.  These 15" Viewsonic flat panel displays did the job nicely.  The Doctor chose a slide away, under desk keyboard drawer to maximize his workspace.  The nurse's computers feature compact keyboards to save valuable desk space.

These computers with a sleek flat panel displays were selected and installed for a salon and day spa. CEH Consulting worked with the Architect and the contractor to make sure that the computers complimented the overall design of the facility and the custom cabinetry.  Flat panel displays and slide away, under-desk keyboard drawers were utilized to maximize workspace.

This computer with a Megavision flat panel display was selected and installed a client who wanted to update their image by converting this design workstation to a flat panel display.  The black display, keyboard, mouse and speakers compliment the granite desktop nicely.

These pictures show the computer equipment we installed in the nurse's station in a busy and crowded doctor's office.  The Viewsonic flat panel display is connected to two different computer systems and a printer that are located in the cabinets below.  This was done to maximize the amount of space they had available.  With all that computer equipment generating heat, custom painted air vents were installed into the cabinet face and a cooling fan was mounted to promote air circulation protecting the equipment from overheating.  Finally, a circular hole was cut into the countertop and a grommet was installed to make the installation look as if it was designed specifically for the space it is now occupying.


These two diagnostic/medical computer systems are located in a very small examining room.  Both computers share the same keyboard, mouse and display.  A 15" Tatung flat panel display and a slide away, under-desk keyboard drawer were utilized to maximize workspace.  The two diagnostic/medical computers were custom built by Cherry Computers.  Look to CEH Consulting to help you with complex ergonomic problems, difficult space issues, and unique innovative solutions.    


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